Palestinians demonstrate for the 20th anniversary of closing Al-Shuhada' St. in Hebron

A Dangerous Course Israel Should Avoid

When Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Knesset on Jan. 22, legislators who oppose a two-state solution sent a clear signal that they have taken President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as…

Some of Israel’s Top Fighters Now Push for Peace

The two-state solution isn't dead. It has some influential people on its side.

How to Miss a Propitious Time

President Trump’s foreign and security policies on Middle East issues is an incoherent collection of unrelated decisions and whims with no connection between them, and instead of bringing Israel to…

Palestinian Reconciliation: Does Cairo’s recent move hold more promise?

Egypt’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID) has long held Cairo’s Israel and Palestine ‘files.’ For several years, the GID has attempted, largely unsuccessfully, to tame Hamas and steer it away…

Taylor Force bill

Deliberately Misleading

Caroline Glick is not satisfied with merely floating a ridiculous theory; she also calls into question the integrity of serving IDF generals as well as members of Commanders for Israel’s Security.

The Dangers of Annexing the West Bank

Last week the group Commanders for Israel’s Security kicked off a campaign warning about the dangers of annexing land in the West Bank and arguing the merits of separation


Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu must seize this moment in order to enhance Israel's security and strategic interests

Ehud Barak: Netanyahu’s reckless conduct endangers Israel

Our people need a policy that does not seek shelter in arguing over the availability of a Palestinian partner but rather takes the initiative by implementing the Security First plan recently…