Who We Are
Commanders for Israel's Security

“Commanders for Israel’s Security” is a non-partisan movement of retired senior members of the defense establishment (IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad and Israel Police) that promotes separation from the Palestinians into two states, in a regional outline.

The movement’s activity is based on the concept that political-ssecurity arrangements with the Arab world, combined with the promotion of an agreement with the Palestinians on the basis of the principle of “two states for two peoples,” will contribute to Israel’s security and ensure its character for generations. They therefore constitute a supreme national-security target.

The origins of the movement go back to 2014 when a number of senior, retired officers called upon the Prime Minster to adopt the Saudi Peace Initiative as a basis for negotiations and to set in motion a peace process with the Palestinians. Their call, entitled A Letter to the Prime Minister (published in Yediot Aharonot on 31 October 2014) was signed by 103 senior officers with the IDF rank of Brigadier General and above  – or with parallel ranks in the Israel Security Agency, Mossad and Israel Police.

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Since then, more than 100 more senior officers from all of Israel’s security services have joined the movement (for a full list click here).  In the ensuing months, members of the movement formulated a number of security and political initiatives, while consulting colleagues in the Arab world and western countries.   These proposals have now been submitted to Israel’s decision-makers and the general public.

CIS Chair Emeritus Maj. Gen. (res.) Amnon Reshef gives a speech at the annual Yitzhak Rabin memorial rally in 2016

About the Movement

CIS members are united in the conviction that a two-state agreement with the Palestinians, as part of a regional security framework, is essential for Israel’s security as well as for its future as the democratic home of the Jewish People.

Realizing that current conditions are not conducive for the attainment of this objective, CIS seeks to affect national policy in advancing the dual objective of preserving conditions for an eventual two-state reality while launching an Israeli security-based initiative for a gradual civilian separation from the Palestinians in a manner that improves security for Israelis and wellbeing for both peoples.

CIS members are convinced that:

  • The illusion of a status quo, and the current stalemate are detrimental to Israel’s security, wellbeing and character as a Jewish democracy.
  • The strength of Israel’s security agencies provides the government with the required space for independent initiatives, involving:
    • On the West Bank: Until conditions ripen for a two-state agreement, Israel must take independent action to begin a process of gradual civilian separation from the Palestinians in line with the CIS Security First.
    • In the Gaza Strip: The immediate call is for stabilizing the situation and avoiding further violence via a concurrent effort to restore PA control; conduct a major rehabilitation program; introduce robust ceasefire understandings, all in coordination with Egypt, the US, the UN and the Donor Community, as detailed in the CIS ‘Gaza: An Alternative Strategy’.
    • These measures will:
      • Locally, preserve conditions for a two-state agreement; improve the security of our people and provide Palestinians with hope.
      • Regionally, improve our country’s standing, including in seizing opportunities for forging a regional security structure to check Iranian hegemonic ambitions and other destabilizing regional players.
      • Globally, restore credibility to our commitment to a two-state outcome and undermine hostile initiatives such as BDS.

Today, CIS is most concerned with recent government and Knesset initiatives for legislated West Bank annexation and continued efforts aimed at preventing an eventual separation in a two-state reality. Consequently, CIS has mobilized its resources and expertise in preparing a soon to be launched nation-wide effort to alert the Israeli public and leadership of the reckless nature of these initiatives and to the danger they pose to the very future of the Zionist enterprise.

With decades of security service each, the CIS well over 280 retired generals are motivated solely by a commitment to the security and wellbeing of the state of Israel.

Driven by a sense of urgency given past missed opportunities; current challenges and opportunities; and concern with the overall national direction, the CIS action plan for 2018-2019 is focused on the single objective of persuading the Israeli public to demand of our leadership a commitment to our primary battle cry of

No Annexation. Separation!