Our Vision & Goals

The Vision

The Government of Israel shall initiate a regional process to consolidate political-security arrangements with the Palestinians and the Arab States. These arrangements will grant Israel permanent and recognized borders that ensure Israel’s security, its solid Jewish majority and the democratic character of the state for years to come.

The agreement with the Palestinians will be based on the principle of “two states for two peoples” and the 1967 line with arrangements and adjustments as dictated by Israel’s security and demographic needs. Only this path will prevent the creation of a bi-national state.

Realities in the Middle East make it necessary, and the Arab Peace Initiative makes it possible to achieve a combined agreement – with the Arab States and the Palestinians – that significantly enhances Israel’s national security interests.

Israel’s security forces have the power to secure the borders agreed upon by the government of Israel and endorsed by the Israeli people.


We are retired senior officials of the Israeli security agencies. Together we represent many years of service for the state within the ranks of the Israel military (IDF), Mossad, Shin-Bet and the national Police force.  We are united in our desire to live in a secure Jewish and democratic state and to provide a worthwhile future for the next generations.

We believe that it is imperative, possible, and urgent to launch an Israeli regional initiative to determine borders that ensure security for the citizens of Israel and a firm Jewish majority. Such an initiative will strengthen Israeli society from within; allow for more effective handling of security threats; create dramatic political, security and socio-economic transformation; and enhance Israel’s international standing.

The Israeli security forces have the power to secure the final border as shall be agreed upon by the Government of Israel and endorsed by the Israeli people. Claims that an agreement will undermine security are unfounded. The opposite is true: as political agreement enhances security. The IDF can provide an effective response to any security challenge, and its strength provides the Government of Israel with the negotiating space required to achieve peace arrangements.

We believe that the government of Israel can and should formulate a regional initiative based on an appropriate response to the positive potential encapsulated in the Arab Peace Initiative.

Regional realities are increasingly complex and dangerous, and include elements of religious fanaticism. Concurrently, shared interests have emerged between moderate Arab countries and Israel which can serve to promote a regional arrangement and a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Peace treaties with the Arab States and regional political-security arrangements are vital national security objectives of the State of Israel. These arrangements shall provide the real foundation for peace and stability in our region.

Against the backdrop of momentous geo-strategic developments, the emerging regional reality makes it possible and mandatory to pursue a regional political-security arrangement concurrent with the promotion of a resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

This combined strategy will significantly enhance the compensation that Israel will receive and increase the resilience and sustainability of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement given the legitimacy derived from its endorsement by the Arab States and the international community.

Most important, this approach will enable Israel to realize its Zionist vision of a democratic state, a solid Jewish majority, a national home for all Jews, and full equal rights to all citizens of Israel in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence.

We are at a crossroads regarding the future of the State of Israel. Pursuing only “conflict management” and “threat containment” could lead to a bi-national state and the end of the Zionist vision.

We seek to encourage the Israeli leadership to embrace the Movement’s Vision Statement and the measures proposed for its implementation as well as to place the subject at the top of our national agenda.

We seek to persuade the Israeli public of the contribution to our national security of regional security-diplomatic arrangements, and within them of progress towards agreement with the Palestinians, and to instill in them the conviction that an alternative road is available leading out of the endless cycle of violence.

Goals of the movement:

  • To inform the Israeli public of the advantages – from both a national perspective and an individual one – of the said political-security initiative; and to instill confidence that it is attainable and serves to  enhance the security of the State of Israel.
  • To promote awareness among the Israeli public that any alternative will result in a bi-national state, diplomatic isolation, economic and other sanctions and undermine security.