MembersCommanders for Israel's Security

CIS comprises well over 400 former senior officials of Israel’s security agencies and diplomatic corps. Together, we represent well over 10,000 years of security and diplomatic experience and service, within the ranks of the IDF, Mossad, Shin-Bet, Israel Police as well as diplomatic missions across the globe.

We are united in the desire to secure Israel as a strong and safe democracy, the national home of the Jewish people, for generations to come.

We believe that launching an Israeli regional initiative is essential, possible and urgent. Such an initiative shall allow for more effective handling of security threats, strengthen the cohesiveness of the Israeli society, and create dramatic political, security and socio-economic transformation and solidify Israel’s international standing.

Based on our combined 9,000 years of experience in Israel’s various security agencies we emphatically state that:

There is no basis to the intimidating claims that a political arrangement will undermine security. The opposite is true!

A political arrangement will enhance security. The IDF can provide an effective response to any security challenge, and its strength provides the Government of Israel with the negotiating space required to achieve peace arrangements.

Undersigned (partial list):

Abarbanel, Ika, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Agmon, Asaf, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Agmon, Uri, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Agmon, Yoram, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Aharonishky, Shlomo, Commissioner (ret.)
Almog, Abraham, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Almog, Zeev, V. Adm. (res.)
Alon, Nitzan, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Amichai, Erez, division head (ret.)
Amir, Amos, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Amir, Ronen, division head (ret.)
Apel, Rafi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Arad, Uzi, former National Security Advisor to the PM
Arad, Yitzhak, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Arbel, David, division head (ret.)
Arditi, Dani, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Asad, Amal, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Asher, Danny, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ashkenazi, Haim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Avidor, Gideon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Avital, Raanan, deputy division head (ret.)
Avital, Shay, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Avivi, Svinoam, division head (ret.), RIP
Ayalon, Ami, V. Adm. (res.); former director of the ISA
Azoulay, Avner, deputy division head (ret.)
Bachar, Yehuda, Maj. gen. (ret.- police)
Bacharch, Mena, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Baharav, Yisrael, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Bar-David, Avraham, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Bar, Yehuda, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Barak, Eytan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Barak, Haim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Barak, Michal, Brig. Gen. (ret.- IPS)
Baram, Amos, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Baratz, Oren, deputy division head (ret.)
Barda, Nissim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Barel, Miki, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Barnea, Igal, deputy division head (ret.)
Barzilay, Itzak, division head (ret.)
Ben Bashat, David, V. Adm. (res.)
Ben David, Shimon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben Israel, Isaac, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Ben Itzak, Uzi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben Moshe, Shmuel, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben Nun, Avihu , Maj. Gen. (res.)
Ben Porat, Mordechai, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben Reuven, Eyal, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Ben-Yehuda, Ran, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben-Yosef, Yehiam, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ben-Zur, Barak, Deputy division head (ret.)
Berger, Jacob (Yankele), Brig. Gen. (res.)
Berkooz, Oded, division head (ret.)
Biran, Itzhak, Brig. Gen. (ret.- police)
Biton, Dan, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Bretz, Oren, deputy division head (ret.)
Brom, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Chen, Yosef (Yosi), deputy division head (ret.)
Chen, Uri, division head (ret.)
Cohen, Eli, deputy division head (ret.)
Cohen, Hagai, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Cohen, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Cohen, Yaakov, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Cohen, Yoram, Brig. Gen. (res.)
D, Avi, Brig. Gen. (ret.- police)
Dagan, Avinoam, division head (ret.)
Dagan, Meir, former head of Mossad, Maj. Gen. (res.), RIP
Dagan, Nehemia, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dagul, Omri, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dar, Itzhak, division head (ret.)
Davidov, Oded, division head (ret.)
Dayan, Michel, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dekel, Udi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dolev, Eran, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dolev, Rachel, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dotan, Rami, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Dotan, Yishay, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Effi, Idan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Egozi, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Eilam, Uzi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Einan, Menachem, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Eini, Menahem, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Elia, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Eldar, Yosef (Yose), Brig. Gen. (res.)
Elron, Itzak, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Erez, Amichai, division head (ret.)
Erez, Haim, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Erez, Oded, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Even Zahav, Yehu, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Even-Chen, Zeev, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Even, Yaacob, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Evry Sukenik, Moshe, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Farhi, Ben Zion, Maj. gen. (res.)
Feig, Noam, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Felman, Aryeh, division head (ret.)
Franco, Ilan, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Friedman, Nitza, Brig. gen. (ret.- police)
Freilich, David, deputy Head of the National Security Council (ret.)
Gal, Reuven, deputy Head of the National Security Council (ret.)
Gal, Shlomo, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Gavish, Yeshayahu, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Gazit, Shlomo, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Gilboa, Eitan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Givoli, Shaul, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Gofen, Haim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Goldbaltt, Mark, deputy division head (ret.)
Gonen, Yosef, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Goren, Giora, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Goren, Shmoel, division head (ret.)
Goren. Ran, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Gour-Lavie, Oded, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Granot, Naftali, deputy director of the Mossad (ret.)
Gross, Ehud, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Gueron, Rolly, division head (ret.)
Haike, Giora, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Halutz, Dani, former IDF Chief of The General Staff; Lt. Gen. (res.)
Haram, Eli, division head (ret.)
Haran, Yaacov, division head (ret.)
Haron, Shlomo, Maj. gen. (ret.- police)
Haskel, Amir, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Hazak, Reoven, deputy former director of the ISA (.ret)
Hefetz, Assaf, Commissioner (ret.)
Hefetz, Shimon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Herzog, Michael, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Hessel, Yoram, division head (ret.)
Hiram, Efraim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Horev, Amos, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Ikar, Roni, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Inbar, Giora, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Inbar, Menashe, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Inbar, Shlomo, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Iny, Freddy, division head (ret.)
Iosub, Herzel, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
K. A. deputy division head (ret.)
Kadmiel, Doron, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Kanor, Zvi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Katri, Ron, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Katz, Amos, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Keinan-Kauli, Eitan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Keinan, Giora, division head (ret.)
Kenig, Haim, division head (ret.)
Keren, Aryeh, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Kinan, Moshe, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Kitrey, Ron, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Kitron, Raphael, deputy division head (ret.)
Klein, Haim, Maj. gen. (ret.- police- police)
Koren, Zeev, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Krause, David, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Krein, Sharag, deputy division head (ret.)
L, Y, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Laher, Yaacov, Brig. Gen. (ret.- police)
Lapid, Ephrain, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Lapidot, Amos, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Laronne, Itzhak (Tzaki), Deputy division head (ret.)
Lavi, Erwin, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Lavi, Israel, division head (ret.)
Lazerson, Ishayah, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Leron, Itzak, deputy division head (ret.)
Leset, Gabby, Maj. gen. (ret.- police)
Leshem, Israel, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Levi, Shabtay, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Levi, Yosi, Brig. Gen (res.)
Levy, Asher, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Levy, Eitan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Levy, Isaac, division head (ret.)
Lidor, Benny, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Livne, Arie, division head (ret.)
Lotan, Rafael, deputy division head (ret.)
Luria, David, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Maayan, Michael, deputy division head (ret.)
Maidan, Beny,  Brig. Gen. (res.)
Magal, Benzion, deputy division head (ret.)
Malka, Rafi, deputy former director of the ISA (.ret)
Mansour, David (Dudu), Maj. gen. (ret.- police)
Markel, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Mart, Yechiam, division head (ret.)
Meir, shimon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Meital, Mordechi, division head (ret.)
Melamed, Eyal, division head (ret.)
Meron, Menachem, Maj. Gen. (res.) RIP
Mishleb, Yusef, Maj. gen.(res.)
Mitzna, Amram, M.K; Maj. Gen. (res.)
Mizrachi, Aryeh, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Mizrachi, Ilan, National Security Advisor  (ret.)
Morag, Ami, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Morag, Hemi, division head (ret.)
Moran, Ami, deputy division head (ret.)
Moshavi, Avi, deputy division head (ret.)
Naaman, Benjamin (Benny), Deputy division head (ret.)
Nave, Abraham, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Nave, Avner, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Naveh, Gabby, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Navoth, (Nachik) Menachem, deputy director of the Mossad (ret.)
Nitzan, Noah, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ohayon, Berti, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Olmert, Yermi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ophir, Aharon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ophir, Gabi, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Or, Jacob, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Oron, Israela, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Paz, Ilan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Paz, Mordechai, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Peled, Elad, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Pellman, Arie, division head and deputy director of the ISA (ret.)
Poleg, Zvi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Rabin, Yitzhak, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Raday, Peleg, division head (ret.)
Rahav, Eli, Brig. gen. (res.)
Ram (Furman), Giora, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ram, Eliezer, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ram, Micha, Maj. Gen. (res.) – RIP
Ram, Uri, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Ramot Shifman, Aryeh, Brig. gen. (res.)
Ramot, Gilad, Brig. gen. (res.)
Ran (Ronen) Pekker, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Raz, Gilad, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Raz, Oded, Deputy division head (ret.)
Raz, Yaacob, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Regev, Hagai, Brig. gen, (res.)
Reshef, Amnon, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Revach, Moshe, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Rodman, Yoram, Brig. Gen. (ret.- police)
Romach, Shimon, deputy division head (ret.)
Ron, Elik, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Rona, Aryeh, Brig. gen. (res.)
Rotem, Avraham, division head (ret.)
Rothschild, Danny, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Rubovitch, Haim, division head (ret.)
Sadeh, Menachem, Brig. gen. (res.)
Saguy, Uri, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Salvi, Udi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Sarig, Shayke, division head (ret.)
Sason, Itzaki, Brig. Gen. (res.) – RIP
Sason, Yehiam, Brig. gen. (ret.)
Savinoam, Avivi, division head (ret.)
Sedaka, Dov (Fufi), Brig. gen. (res.)
Segev ,Meir, division head (ret.)
Segev, Izak, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shacham, Nisso, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Shachor, Oren, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Shachor, Ran, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shadar, Itzhak (Yatchko), Sergeant at Arms, Maj. Gen. (ret. Knesset)
Shafir, Hertzel, Commissioner (ret.); Maj. Gen. (res.)
Shaked, Emanuel, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shaked, Nitzan, Brig. gen. (res.)
Shalom, Hagai, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Sharig, Shayke, division head (ret.)
Sharon, Menachem, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Sharoni, Nati, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Shashon, Yechiam, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shavit, Shabtai, former head of Mossad
Shavit, Shalom, division head (ret.)
Shchory, Moshe, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shefi, Shaul, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shefer, Gidon, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Shiloach, Do, Deputy divison head Mossad (ret.)
Shine, Sima, Deputy head of the National Security Council (ret.)
Shnir, Yosi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Shor, Tzvi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Simchony, Ehud, Brig. gen. (res.)
Slovik, Igal, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Sne, Efraim, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Sofrin, Amnon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Sonnenfeld, Rami, Brig. Gen. (ret.)
Spector, Moshe, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Spector, Yiftach, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Spiegel, Baruch, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Stern, Elazar, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Tal, Alex, V. Adm. (res.)
Tal, Ilan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Tamari, Dov, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Taran, Benny, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Tiller, Avi, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Tiomkin, Moshe, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Tsur, David, M.K; Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Turner, Yaakov, Commissioner (ret.); Brig. Gen. (res.)
Tzur, David, MK, Maj. gen. (ret.- police)
Vardi, Aharon, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Vardi, Dan, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Vilnai, Matan, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Waxe, Shlomo, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Yaari, Aviezer, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Yani, Moshe, division head (ret.)
Yaron, Amos, Maj. Gen. (res.)
Yaron, Ruth, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Yatom, Danny, former M.K; former head of Mossad; Maj. Gen. (res.)
Yeyni, Mosh, division head (ret.)
Yitzhaki, Yair, Maj. Gen. (ret.- police)
Yosefe, Eyal, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zacharin, Zeev, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zaken, Nachum, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zamir, Izak, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zamir, Meir, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zamir, Zvi, former head of Mossad; Maj. Gen. (res.)
Zohar, Avi, Brig. Gen. (res.)
Zruya, Yosef, division head (ret.)