About Us

About the Movement

Commanders for Israel’s Security is a non-partisan movement of former senior security officials (in the IDF, Mossad, Israel Security Agency and Police), united in their conviction that:

  • The current diplomatic stalemate is detrimental to Israel’s security;
  • Israel is strong enough to determine its own destiny;
  • A political agreement with the Palestinians as part of a regional framework is essential to Israel’s security as well as to its future as the national home of the Jewish People;
  • Until conditions ripen for a final status agreement, Israel must take independent action to restore security to its citizens, improve its standing regionally and internationally and preserve conditions for a future agreement.

Therefore, the movement seeks to promote a diplomatic strategy that combines:

  • Security First – an independent Israeli initiative to bring about an immediate improvement in the political and security situation.
  • Security as part of a future agreement – a diplomatic initiative vis-a-vis the Palestinians within a regional context (to be unveiled soon).

The members of the movement do not seek personal, political or financial gain.  We are motivated solely by a concern for the state of Israel, and a feeling of responsibility for the future of the country and the well being of our children and grandchildren.

With some 8,000 cumulative years of service in Israel’s security forces (the IDF, Mossad, Israel Security Agency and the Israel Police), it is our firm conviction that:

  • The IDF can provide an optimal response to any security challenge.  This lends the Israeli government the ability and flexibility to carry out the proposed measures.
  • The question of whether Israel has a negotiating partner at any point in time should not serve as an excuse for resigning ourselves to a deteriorating security and political situation.
  • Political and security arrangements with the Arab world, together with progress towards an agreement with the Palestinians based on two states for two peoples, will contribute to Israel’s security and preserve its identity for generations to come.  Reaching such agreements is, therefore, a top national priority.
  • Until such agreements can be reached, however, Israel must take independent measures to defend itself, to provide its citizens with a feeling of personal security, to maintain and improve conditions for dialogue with neighboring countries and for negotiations with the Palestinians, and to enhance its own international standing.


The origins of the movement go back to 2014 when a number of senior, retired officers called upon the Prime Minster to adopt the Saudi Peace Initiative as a basis for negotiations and to set in motion a peace process with the Palestinians. Their call, entitled A Letter to the Prime Minister (published in Yediot Aharonot on 31 October 2014) was signed by 103 senior officers with the IDF rank of Brigadier General and above  – or with parallel ranks in the Israel Security Agency, Mossad and Israel Police.

Since then, more than 100 more senior officers from all of Israel’s security services have joined the movement (for a full list click here).  In the ensuing months, members of the movement formulated a number of security and political initiatives, while consulting colleagues in the Arab world and western countries.   These proposals have now been submitted to Israel’s decision makers and the general public.

Senior Security Officials Promoting Political-Security Arrangements