What a Single Match can do

Recent events have converged to disabuse two illusions about Israeli security: the idea that we can insulate one Palestinian arena from others, and the fallacy of the status quo. Can our leadership…

Red Lines for a Cease Fire

The IDF has not been complacent. Its performance has been impressive, but the political leadership has demonstrated continued incompetence. The former commander of the IDF’s Gaza Division explains…

For now, all Biden Wants from Israel, Palestinians is Quiet

With domestic and international problems to deal with, the United States has no time to drown itself in our conflict. Its renewed support for the Palestinian Authority has only one goal: to maintain…

Israel Should Support Biden’s Efforts to Revive the Iran Nuclear Deal

Reducing Iran’s breakout time and restoring robust monitoring are the most urgent priorities. A return to the JCPOA can achieve these goals.

Ashkenazi’s Challenges

Gabi Ashkenazi, the former IDF Chief of Staff, is the first Israeli Foreign Minister in the last 11 years whose views are not shaped by the Israeli right-wing ideology.