There is one front in which we have a near absolute ability to influence the arena—the one front that poses the only palpable threat to the Zionist enterprise—and yet the government has not been…

The present Israeli government is accelerating a creeping annexation

Rolly Gueron: Annexation, either partial or full, will undermine Israel's security and will also have catastrophic ramifications for Israel: politically, diplomatically, economically and socially.

Annexation legislation is imminent, and dangerous

The move will trigger a new Palestinian uprising, create a thousand mile border, erase strategic depth and lose world support

There is a northern front and a southern front – so we must avoid a central front!

Former Mossad Chief Danny Yatom on the latest Commanders for Israel's Security campaign


In West Bank reality, annexation is a pipedream

The settlement enterprise has failed to scuttle a two-state solution; separation is still eminently possible

גדר ההפרדה - צילום גיל כהן מגן

The End of the Zionist Dream in 62 Words

Until a peace agreement is reached, Israel can take steps towards separation without altering the deployment of the IDF, without withdrawing one soldier and without evacuating settlements. Only in…