Annexation: A Disaster in the Making

To this charge I readily confess. We are concerned, above all, with Israel’s national interests: security, economic, and moral.

An Alternative Gaza Strategy

Given the phased nature of the proposed initiative, the transition from implementing one stage of Israeli and international relief measures to another is contingent on the Palestinian sides’…

גדר ההפרדה - צילום גיל כהן מגן

The End of the Zionist Dream in 62 Words

Until a peace agreement is reached, Israel can take steps towards separation without altering the deployment of the IDF, without withdrawing one soldier and without evacuating settlements. Only in…

How to Miss a Propitious Time

President Trump’s foreign and security policies on Middle East issues is an incoherent collection of unrelated decisions and whims with no connection between them, and instead of bringing Israel to…

galant yoav

Yoav Galant: government must take diplomatic initiative

Yoav Galant says the government must take diplomatic initiative in the West Bank even without a Palestinian partner

Fabled Yom Kippur War commander set to tackle Netanyahu and other ‘professors of no’

Former IDF general Amnon Reshef wants to build on momentum of recent ‘generals’ petition’ to persuade Israelis to support regional peace

106 retired Israeli generals, spy chiefs urge Netanyahu to push for peace

Israel has the strength and means to reach a two-state solution that doesn't entail a security risk, signatories write in a letter sent to the prime minister.