Survey: Most Likud Members Do Not Support Annexation, Favor a Peace Agreement

Survey: Most Likud Members Do Not Support Annexation, Favor a Peace Agreement

Only 24% of the Jewish public supports the annexation of territory in Judea and Samaria, according to the findings of a study commissioned by Commanders for Israel’s Security. The study encompassed…

גדר ההפרדה - צילום גיל כהן מגן

The End of the Zionist Dream in 62 Words

Until a peace agreement is reached, Israel can take steps towards separation without altering the deployment of the IDF, without withdrawing one soldier and without evacuating settlements. Only in…

How to Miss a Propitious Time

President Trump’s foreign and security policies on Middle East issues is an incoherent collection of unrelated decisions and whims with no connection between them, and instead of bringing Israel to…

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All of which means that there is one plan that a good many people—from the non-dogmatic right and the non-dogmatic left— have been aiming for in the past several years: separation while retaining…

RETIRED GENERAL Amnon Reshef with the late Ariel Sharon during the Yom Kippur War.. (photo credit:RAMI BAR ILAN/IDF ARCHIVES)


No peace partner? No problem. Against permanent unilateral withdrawals? No worries.

Israeli generals initiate own security plan, urge unilateral action

Israeli Major General Amnon Reshef has heard it before: Israel cannot make progress with the Palestinians because there is no “partner for peace.” So he’s not waiting for a partner.

Agreements – OUT Arrangements – IN

The program of Commanders of Israel’s Security offers an a refreshing alternative for those of us who are tired with both the creeping annexation of the right and left wing illusions about a peace…