A five CIS board member team led by M.G.(Ret) Danny Yatom, former Mossad director, paid a visit to the Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador to Israel, Steffen Seibert.

‘Commanders for Israel’s Security’ (CIS) is A 10 years old, 580 members, all volunteer civil society movement, comprised of veterans from the top echelons of Israel’s Security, Defense, and Diplomatic establishments.  Concerned with Israel’s security, standing within the international community, especially in light of challenges faced in our region, the team introduced CIS and highlighted its original guiding principles which only grew stronger since the October 7 tragedy.

CIS stressed the importance of the historically unshakable bond between Germany and Israel in all areas and thanked the Ambassador for the German government commitment and dedication to addressing the hostages’ families as well as the efforts to releasing them, which is the top, first priority.

The team presented its own vision and full support, as documented in the CIS publications, including the last one – “The Way Forward”, for a US-led regional normalization initiative (The “Biden Initiative”) and the vital need of a separation from The Palestinians, for Israel’s future as a Jewish and a Democratic Secure State.

The Ambassador welcomed the CIS team visit, gave his insights of the complexity of the issues at stake, and described the full support and the efforts of the German Government, the Embassy and the Ambassador personally, for the release of the hostages.

The Ambassador also mentioned the need for a political process, that will lead to a negotiated and peaceful solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and as a result of it, security and prosperity to Israel, the Palestinians and the whole region.

M.G.(Ret) Yatom was accompanied by former Minister B.G. (Ret) Dr. Ephraim Sneh, Ambassador (Ret) Yoram Ben Zeev, Adm. (Ret) David Ben Bashat, and CIS CEO Col. (Ret) Itamar Yaar.

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