In recent days the movement has been under media attack by the daily paper Israel Hayom (Israel Today), which has been carrying out a smear campaign attempting to convince their readers of a connection between Commanders for Israel’s Security and organizations such as V15 and others. The paper is trying to create a false and baseless impression that a connection exists between the movement and the extreme left, and is making unfounded allegations that the movement’s campaign goal is to replace the government using illegal methods.

The movement responded to Yisrael Hayom, but the response was not published, and as such, it is here before you:

Commanders for Israel’s Security is an independent initiative, unaffiliated with any political party. It was established out of genuine concern for the future of Israel. The movement’s goal is to place its political-security initiative at the top of Israel’s national agenda and it will support all those who adopt its vision.

This vision has been adopted by hundreds of senior security officials who together have thousands of years of experience in national security and who reflect a variety of opinions that converge into the following call:

The Government of Israel shall initiate a regional process to consolidate political-security arrangements with the Palestinians and the Arab States. These arrangements will grant Israel permanent and recognized borders that ensure Israel’s security, its solid Jewish majority and the democratic character of the state for years to come.

“Realities in the Middle East make it necessary, and the Arab Peace Initiative makes it possible to achieve a combined agreement – with the Arab States and the Palestinians – that significantly enhances Israel’s national security interests.

Every member of the movement has served the country for decades. They have served in the armored corps, infantry, engineering and artillery. They have risked their lives in battle and saved the State of Israel in its wars. Its members include fighter pilots, experts at shooting down enemy planes in Israel’s wars, Special Forces commanders and Mossad commanders who acted in secret operations, Marine commando fighters and commanders, and Navy commanders, dozens of Shin-Bet officials who were active in the occupied territories to thwart terrorism, and police officers who were responsible for the country’s internal security – all people of valor and heroes!

Nobody can teach us what serves the security of Israel.

This attempt to attach a label of “extreme left” to the movement is cynical and hypocritical. Any attempt to present the movement as having any affiliation to any political party is false and stems from narrow political motives and from an inability to deal with the movements clear messages. The movement operates purely within the law and with legal counsel. Instead of dealing with Israel’s existential problems and its future, they are trying to divert the discussion using yellow, populist journalism.

We have fought to defend our dear country; we will continue to fight for its future and for its existence as a Jewish and democratic state.