these are not regular days, And we’re looking for an alternative in order to influence

Ariela Ringel Hoffman | Published: 01.04.15 |

Over 5,000 years of combined security experience in the form of 150 people, with a record of 30-40 years of security experience each convened in an event hall in Ramat Efal last week. They came to mark the establishment of “Commanders for the Security of Israel,” an organization of senior defense officials who support diplomatic and defense arrangements.

A long name, probably temporary, which clarifies what Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Amnon Reshef, a fabled commander from the Yom Kippur War who founded the organization, thinks needs clarifying.

The event featured former senior Mossad officials – Zvi Zamir and Shabtai Shavit, who headed the Mossad, and department heads Yoram Hessel and Uri Ne’eman; Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amiram Levin, David Ben-Besht, Hagai Shalom, Giora Romm and Eyal Ben-Reuven; former IDF chief Dan Halutz; Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Israel Baharav – a legendary fighter pilot and one of the Air Force’s shoot down champions; police Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Elik Ron and former deputy interior security minister Efraim Sneh.

All of them, with no exceptions, clarified they did not want to go into politics. So why were they there? “Because these are not regular days,” Ne’eman said. “And we’re looking for an alternative in order to influence.”

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