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All of which means that there is one plan that a good many people—from the non-dogmatic right and the non-dogmatic left— have been aiming for in the past several years: separation while retaining…

Agreements – OUT Arrangements – IN

The program of Commanders of Israel’s Security offers an a refreshing alternative for those of us who are tired with both the creeping annexation of the right and left wing illusions about a peace…

security first - I24 NEWS

‘Security First’ in channel I 24 News

In an interview to channel I 24 News Rolly Gueron, division head Mossad (ret.), explains the “Security First” plan submitted by the “Commanders for Israel Security”

Winter is Coming

The plan does not talk about an agreement. It proposes a series of proactive security, diplomatic and economic measures, which in the opinion of the plan’s sponsors will improve our situation…

Why Security First, and Why Now?

The situation calls for an independent Israeli initiative that combines security measures and civil economic steps while dispelling ambiguity about Israel’s intentions -- all without preempting…

galant yoav

Yoav Galant: government must take diplomatic initiative

Yoav Galant says the government must take diplomatic initiative in the West Bank even without a Palestinian partner