Ministers and MKs advocate for the Movement to Annex the West Bank

The Sovereignty (“Ribonut”) Movement is enlisting support from MKs and government ministers. While it focuses on Likud, a Yesh Atid MK also participated in one of the movement’s videos

Agreements – OUT Arrangements – IN

The program of Commanders of Israel’s Security offers an a refreshing alternative for those of us who are tired with both the creeping annexation of the right and left wing illusions about a peace…

Winter is Coming

The plan does not talk about an agreement. It proposes a series of proactive security, diplomatic and economic measures, which in the opinion of the plan’s sponsors will improve our situation…

Eshki to Netanyahu: “Say Yes to the Saudi Peace Initiative”

If Israel accepts the peace plan and undertakes to implement it, 22Arab states and another 20 Muslim states will undertake to have normal relations with you, You need to accept that we want…

Ex-generals, police chiefs tell PM: Resume peace talks

In letter to Netanyahu initiated by Major General (res.) Amnon Reshef, 105 retired and reservist officers call for broader negotiations with entire region: 'Lead - and we will stand behind you.'