An Alternative Gaza Strategy

Given the phased nature of the proposed initiative, the transition from implementing one stage of Israeli and international relief measures to another is contingent on the Palestinian sides’…

Annexation under the Cover of Corruption

Annexation will lead to the establishment of a Judeo-Arab entity. Mixing hostile populations necessarily ends in bloodshed

Ministers and MKs advocate for the Movement to Annex the West Bank

The Sovereignty (“Ribonut”) Movement is enlisting support from MKs and government ministers. While it focuses on Likud, a Yesh Atid MK also participated in one of the movement’s videos

Annexation Is a Pernicious Issue for Israel

Only by preventing annexation can Israel retain its strategic security, flexibility and future options while insuring against a required choice between being a Jewish or democratic state.

Mossad, shin bet officials tackle israel’s toughest challenges

Intelligence officials favor diplomacy to end the perpetual cycle of violence.