The “two States for two Peoples” solution, however presently remote, is a vital Israeli interest. The “no partner” argument is but an excuse for lack of Israeli initiative. Even if a partner is presently unavailable, Israel must launch a diplomatic-security initiative.

Step one should be an immediate demarcation of our eventual eastern border-line, incorporating the main settlement ‘blocs’ and Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

Such an initiative entails immediate security-diplomatic advantages:

 Drawing the Line for Security 

Declaring now Israel’s future border-line, and implementing derived concrete steps of separation with the Palestinians, all while preserving full security control – shall enhance public safety, reduce friction between the two peoples, and relieve the IDF of police duties

 Drawing the Line for Settlers 

Presenting the future border-line shall legitimize continued investment in, and development of Jerusalem’s Jewish neighborhoods and the major settlement blocks which shall forever be part of sovereign Israel. No more futile investment in remote isolated settlements – which constitute a security and financial burden and from which it is generally recognized that we shall part in an eventual two state solution.

 Drawing the Line for National Unity 

An Israeli announcement of the future border-line, without undermining security requirements, shall enjoy majority support and unite all around the common objective of greater security for our citizens.

 Drawing the Line for International Support 

Such an Israeli initiative shall signal to all the sincerity of our commitment to the two state solution; shall shift the burden to the Palestinians to reciprocate; will enhance Israel’s credibility and set the stage for security-diplomatic cooperation against common challenges, in the region and beyond.

 Drawing the Line though it Hurts 

Such a declaration will do justice with settlements located outside the future border-line by clarifying their destiny. It shall remove doubts about the national resolve to face the painful compromise required for implementing the vision of a two state solution, all for a better future for all Israelis.

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